The leader who acts as a representative of Anime Club and seeks out opportunities for club to expand, while pioneering new ideas and ensuring that Anime Club progresses in a positive direction.

Name: Tommy Soudachanh
Major: Biochemistry

Vice President

The second-in-command who oversees the status of Anime Club's presence, and takes charge when the president is missing in action. Also assists in other officer duties and picks up the slack.

Name: Alejandro Reyes
Major: Chemistry


The arbitrator who safeguards Anime Club's assets and prevents the club from falling into the red. Also handles relationships with SGAO and maintains the accuracy of Anime Club's finances.

Name: Deiter Hanbicki
Major: Nuclear Engineering


The bookkeeper who keeps record of all Anime Club Members and their respective information, while upholding the legal standing of the club and the responsibilities of the officers.

Name: Christian Castaneda
Major: Communications

Public Relations

The negotiator who maintains favorable communication with partner companies and businesses, while preserving and improving the social standing of Anime Club in the public.

Name: Rene Arias
Major: Biology


The publicist who recruits new members, spreads ads like wildfire, and keep members in the loop through Anime Club's syndicate.

Name: [Open]


The one who records the chronicles of Anime Club's events and meeting, and manages the annals of Anime club's history.

Name: [Open]


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