The By-Laws of UNM Anime Club


October 10th, 2005

Last Amended:
August 15th, 2017

Tommy Soudachanh |

Article I: Purpose
Section 1. The Anime Club shall sponsor a forum for discussing and engaging in anime, Japanese culture, and other nerdy pursuits bi-weekly during the Fall and Spring terms. These forums will be open both to the general public and UNM students. In addition, the Anime Club shall host activities and provide benefits exclusively for club members.

Article II: Membership
Section 1. Any member of the UNM community shall be allowed to attend Anime Club, but shall not be considered a member until they have submitted a membership form, and are up to date on their club fees.
Section 2. Non-UNM students wishing to join may be accepted into Anime Club as affiliates, and are entitled to all membership privileges, save for the right to hold an officer position.
Section 3. No dues are required for anyone to attend forums.
Section 4. The Executive Board reserves the right to revoke membership or affiliate status for disruptive behavior.

Article III: Duties of Officers
Section 1. The President holds weekly officer meetings for which agendas are prepared and distributed, delegates tasks to Anime Club officers and follows up on their progress, approves actions taken in the name of Anime Club, acts as representative of Anime Club toward the University (SGAO, ASUNM, others), seeks out opportunities for club to expand and chances for co-sponsorship with other university departments and clubs. Additionally he/she pioneers new programming ideas and ensures Anime Club progresses in a positive direction.
Section 2. The Vice-President will maintain that the Anime Club’s web presence is kept up-to-date, will aid the president in his/her duties and in the affairs of Anime Club. Also acts as president in case where the president in unable or incapable of action. Assists in other officer duties as required.
Section 3. The Treasurer keeps and maintains records of Anime Club finances. Seeks out opportunities for fundraisers. Researches and suggests purchases for Anime Club. Draws out cost tables and develops viable budgeting strategies. Fills out Internal Requisition forms for Club purchases. Attends financial workshops put on by the University. Makes deposits at SGAO.
Section 4. The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining an up-to-date list of Anime Club Members including their names and e-mail addresses. He/she will keep and maintain an up-to-date copy of the Constitution and By-Laws, written or typed minutes of the Executive Board meetings, and other records required by the Anime Club. He shall obtain such equipment and supplies as needed in the Office of the Anime Club.
Section 5. The Public Relations Officer establishes and maintains communication with Anime companies and businesses. Requests and documents screening permissions for anime shown in club. Seeks out and solicits discounts, opportunities and promotions among affiliates.
Section 6. The Advertiser designs advertising for club. He/she uses advertising to keep members and affiliates appraised of Club meetings and events.
Section 7. The Historian shall be responsible for keeping the cultural/personal record in the form of photography and digital medium.
Section 8. It is the duty of each officer to train and advise his/her successor. Should such training be impossible for any reason, it is up to the other officers to train the successor.

Article IV: Elections
Section 1. One week prior to the annual elections, during the general club meeting, members will be allowed to nominate any club member, including themselves, for any of the 7 officer positions.
Section 2. Any presidential candidate must have been an officer for 1 term before being qualified.
Section 3. Nominees will be interviewed by impartial members of the current officer board and may be removed from the ballot if deemed unfit for the position.
Section 4. During the elections, officers shall be considered separately and in the following order: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Advertiser, Public Relations, and Librarian, with the following exceptions permitted:

  1. While ballots for a contested election are being counted, the President may proceed to the next uncontested election in the predetermined election order. Should such an election be contested, consideration of that election shall cease until immediately following the resolution of the prior election.
  2. While ballots for an uncontested election are being counted, the President may proceed to the next election in the election order.
  3. The President may modify the above order with unanimous consent of all potential candidates involved in those elections.

If any member objects to the President’s decision, a two-thirds vote of those present and voting shall be required to ratify the President’s decision. This vote shall be taken without debate.
Section 5. Members may vote for any of the candidates in each of the elections for permanent offices, but may only vote once per positions. Members abstaining shall be considered present, but not voting.
Section 6. A club member running in an election can only run for three of the seven positions including incumbents.
Section 7. Elections for all offices shall be by secret ballot. Should no candidate have a majority of the votes cast, the following shall occur.

  1. If there are at least three or more candidates, the candidate with the fewest votes shall be eliminated and the procedure shall be repeated until a candidate has a majority of the votes cast.
  2. If there are two candidates, the President shall cast the deciding vote. If the President is unable to do so the Vice-President shall cast the vote.

If a majority of votes in any elections are for none of the candidates, the election will be postponed until the following Anime Club meeting. The President shall select two non-voting members to count ballots. The President may select a voting member to replace a non-voting member if necessary.

Article V: Finances
Section 1. The Executive Board is responsible for requesting and maintaining an annual budget from the University of New Mexico. The budget provided by ASUNM and – when attainable – GPSA may be supplemented by income generated through fund-raisers. All self-generated funds will be reported to- and kept in an account with the UNM Student Governing Accounting Office.
Article VI: Sub-directors
Section 1. Each Officer may, subject to the approval of the Executive Board, select Sub-directors to assist in their duties as he sees fit. The Sub-directors shall serve for the duration of the term of the Officer unless the Officer removes the Sub-director with the approval of the Executive Board. Possible Sub-director positions may include, but are not limited to: Assistant, Webmaster, and Scheduler.
Article VII: Policy Motions
Section 1. In all matters of procedure except those regarding General Club Meetings, Policy Motions shall carry the same weight as the By-Laws. In case of conflict between By-Laws and a Policy Motion, the By-Laws shall take precedence.

Article VIII: Web Presence
Section 1. UNM Anime Club will maintain a Web Presence for the benefit of its members. When possible, the Web Presence will be hosted on a UNM server. The Web Presence shall be updated on a regular basis and adhere to the policies and standards set forth for UNM Student Organizations.
Section 2. The Web Presence will play host to at least the following:

  1. An up-to-date UNM Anime Club Constitution and By-Laws
  2. The current members of the UNM Anime Club Executive Board
  3. Contact information for UNM Anime Club

Section 3. The Web Presence may play host to member-created content, but the Executive Board is responsible for overseeing said content and ensuring it adheres to UNM Anime Club standards.

Article IX: Screenings and Screening Permission
Section 1. UNM Anime Club, in order to fulfill its obligation to Anime Club members, will obtain Anime titles and have them ready to be shown at each screening. Anime titles shown in club must be adherent to the aesthetic popularized by Japanese-created animation, but is bound by no restrictions in terms of genre.
Section 2. Anime titles may be optioned by the Executive Board or the General Club. Optioned titles must be qualified by the Executive Board before being screened in club.
Section 3. In order for an Anime title to qualify for a screening, the Executive Board must research it beforehand and find it appropriate. Inappropriate Anime titles may be characterized as having excessive amounts of violent or sexual content. It is the Executive Board’s responsibility to exercise its best judgment in evaluating Anime titles on a case-by-case basis.
Section 4. Once qualified for a screening, the Executive Board is responsible for researching the Anime title’s license. In such cases where a company holds license to sell and distribute an Anime title qualified for screening in Region 1, the Executive Board will take the necessary steps to obtain screening permissions to screen the Anime title prior to the date of screening.
Section 5. If at any time, screening permissions cannot be obtained for a specific Anime title, or cannot be obtained in time for the scheduled screening, the screening of that specific Anime title will be postponed until permissions are gotten.

Article X: Committees
Section 1. All committees must abide by the rules and regulations set forth in the Anime Club Constitution and Bylaws.
Section 2. Committees must have a designated representative. The designated representative must be a member of the executive board or part of the general club. He must be approved of by the executive board.
Section 3. The committee representative is responsible for keeping the Executive Board appraised of all progress made by the committee, as well as any committee actions taken in the club's name.
Section 4. If necessary, the representative may form a governing body (hereafter referred to as "Committee Board") to pass rules and policy motions within the committee.



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